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New Bing Ads Show Facebook Within The Search Experience

There has been lots of talk about search being broken for some time now and the impending battle between Facebook and Google in this area and for the first time I’ve seen what the future should look like spelled out in a new series of ads from Bing. Bing is of course the search engine owned by Microsoft and they are using their deep partnership with Facebook to make search more social. Searching on Google is annoying at the moment between ads, gamed SEO results and content farms (Although in fairness Google seem to be fixing that issue) and it just feels like there could be a better solution than Google. The big alternative is social search that we have all been hearing about for some time but for all it’s promise it is actually quite a way off. Having said that Bing have clearly demonstrated their strategy going forward with this ad because they have firmly placed their bets on Facebook likes and the value that they could ad to search. The thing is that your friends and personal networks have far better information than Google could ever have and we all trust recommendations from our friends. This is only an advert but it’s the first time I have seen a company spell out very clearly what the future of social search could look like. Time to change to Bing?


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